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Starting from fist check in to Turkey we follow all formalities for you. Entry procedures, customs formalities, clearance, transitlog, cruising log, crew change, harbor master, coastal healt, passport formalities, marina reservations. We always keep in touch with you to help for regulations in Turkey. 


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Fisrst of all yachts which are flying foreign flag even private or commercial must finish entry procedures, formalities at border ports which are listed below before start cruising betwen Turkish ports or winter lay up in a Turkish port. If you are coming from international waters or foreign ports you should buy a transit log (cruising log) and complate this form. Your agency can help you to fill this form correctly.


Turkey Entry Ports

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Hopa, Rize, Trabzon, Giresun, Ordu,.Samsun, Inebolu, Sinop, Bartin, Zonguldak, Eregli, Istanbul, Tekirdag, Derince, Gemlik, Mudanya, Bandirma, Çanakkale, Akçay, Ayvalik, Dikili, izmir, Kusadasi, Didim, Güllük, Turgutreis, Bodrum, Datça, Marmaris, Fethiye, Kas, Finike, Kemer, Antalya, Alanya, Anamur, Tasucu, Mersin, Botas,Iskenderun. Show on map


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Entering Into Turkey

You will first apply to the Coastal Sanitary Center whilst flying the Q Flag in accordance with World Health Organization procedures and after having declared whether or not there is a case of contagious disease or an incident of death among your crew members or yachtsmen; you can have the pertinent section of your Certificate approved by the Health Officer. You will then apply to the Passport Police and after having declared the necessary information; you can have the pertinent section of your Certificate approved by the Officer in charge. You will then apply to the Customs Enforcement and after having declared the inventory list of your vessel; you can have the pertinent section of your Certificate approved by the Customs Officer. You will finally apply to the Harbour Master’s office and after having declared your ports of call within Turkish territorial waters; you can have your Certificate approved by the Harbour Master.


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Blue card is a system made for digital follow up of naval vessel’s waste decleration.

All yachts, commercial and private, of all sizes, must comply with the Blue Card Circular in the Province of  Muğla and Antalya. There is no minimum  limit in size or capacity given.

 It will contain details of  the yacht and crew.

1.Discharging of black and grey water tanks directly to the sea is forbidden in this area.

2.Black and grey water tanks is compulsory for every kind of boat.

3.All boats must have a Blue Card.

4.When you enter the province of  Muğla or Antalya.You must get the Blue Card in 48 hours.

5.The Blue card is to be issued by Harbour Masters and marinas(10TL).

6.All discharge must be done by pumping out at one of  stations  in marinas and harbours in the region.
7.The Blue Card will be digitally updated with the volume of pumped out  waste water.

8.Without Blue Card you could not get check-in or check-out on transit log in Muğla and Antalya Provinces.

  1. If the boat has been sailing for a long time and there is no recorded discharge, there

Blue Card Regulation rolled out to all Turkish waters

The Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation has announced that its 'Blue Card Regulation' - an environmental program to protect the sea against pollution which was piloted along the coast of the Mugla district from 200 - is to be rolled out along the rest of the country's coastline.

Under the scheme waste water may not be discharged to the sea, even if over three miles from shore, but must be collected in Grey water tanks, and toilet waste in Black water tanks. Waste tanks must be discharged at shore-based pump out stations.

Now all yachts must have a 'Blue card' - a smart card obtainable from marinas or from harbour master’s offices, that records boat and crew details - before the deadline of December 31, 2014 or face a hefty fine. The penalty for the boat owners with no blue card will be TL 10.400 (USD 5200)

Departure From Turkey

When sailing from Turkish ports to international waters or foreign ports; please complete the departure section of transit log (cruising log) and apply to the Harbour Master’s Office to have the appropriate section of your Certificate authorized after having completed your departure procedure at Customs Enforcement, Passport Police, Health Officer. Yachts/boats can deperture from official entry ports. If you are leaving even for a short period you should complate full clearance formalities and make re-entry if you turn back. Transiting The Bosphorus or The Dardanelles When within 5 miles of the entrance into either the Bosphorus or the Dardanelles, boats should contact Traffic Control for further instructions. Although this provision only applies to boats over 20 metres LOA, it is recommended that smaller boats also comply with it. Boats in possession of a transit log are no longer required to stop at Canakkale and may proceed through the Dardanelles without stopping. The regulations are similar for boats going through the Bosphorus, who may continue towards ports on the Turkish Black Sea coast without stopping.

Leaving Your Yacht In Turkey

You can leave your yacht in a Yacht Harbour or a Boat Yard licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and can leave Turkey by alternate means of transportation. Vessels moored in such Yacht Harbours or laid up in such Boat Yards, if used once in every two years can remain in Turkey up to five years without the need for any further permission.

Crew Change

Transit log (cruisig log) has 3 changes papers more, they are use for changing crew or sail,cruise area. If owner or captain change on yacht you must have new transit log. On current page of transitlog must written true crew, not least or more crew.

Changes Inventory On Boat

If there is a change to be made in your inventory list in reason of repairs, assurance or warranty; necessary notes shall be made on your Certificate by relevant Customs Offices. All spare parts and other material belonging to your vessel should be kept onboard as long as your yacht remains in Turkey. It is necessary to record all spare parts that are obsolete or unusable having resulted following maintenance or repair on your vessel. In case you wish to take them out of Turkish customs zone, they will have to be noted on your Certificate. You can also leave them in specific areas under customs management as per Clause No. 164 of the Law concerning Customs (Legal Code No. 4458) If you wish to leave Turkey temporarily with your yacht; you may leave your motor vehicle under care of local Customs Control.


* Transit log (cruise log) is valid for one year from begginning of first page. * Foreign yachts can stay in Turkish territorial maximum 5 years non-check out. * You must have a Blue Card (Waste decleration card) in 48 hours after your enty. (link) No blue card? Please require from our agency

Diving Regions

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Diving with scuba equipment in Turkish territorial waters is subject to permission. Necessary information on the subject can be obtained from provincial tourism directorates or through local information centers.

Regulations For Tax-Free Diesel Fuel For Foreign Yachts

Foreign-registered yachts may obtain tax-free diesel fuel subject to the conditions set out below: Tax-free fuel will be available for use only in foreign yachts and will be obtainable only from marinas and shipyards licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism. The owner of the yachts may be Turkish or foreign but must be a person having a permanent place of residence outside of Turkey. The yacht may be brought to Turkey with the owner or may be brought two months earlier or later than the owner's arrival in Turkey. The yacht may receive the tax-free fuel only in the presence of the owner.

Sailing In Turkish Territorial Waters And Between Turkish Ports

As the owner you and your guests have the right to sail freely within Turkish territorial waters and between Turkish ports provided that no commercial activity shall be undertaken by yourself your crew members or your guests, In case of a contagious disease or an incident resulting in death which may occur during your sailing into Turkish territorial waters; you will immediately report to the Coast Sanitary Center at the nearest port. As long as there is no change of captain, crew members or yachtsmen during your projected trajectory; you can sail into bays or points of interest on your route provided they are not forbidden zones without the need to make any further changes in your Certificate. If there is a change of captain, yachtsmen, crew members or your projected trajectory whilst between intermediate ports; you will have to apply to the nearest Harbour Master’s office and have the changes in question approved by the Harbour Master. Multiowned foreign flag private yachts and yachts belonging to societies, associations or clubs can be used by maximum four owners in a year. If your yacht is in our country and you want to extend your visa, you can apply and receive a longer stay permit by providing proof of a mooring contract duly signed with a Yacht Harbour licensed through the Ministry of Tourism. When it is necessary to collect / deposit you or a member of your family to/from another port, your captain, upon your written faxed instructions, can sail from one port to the other with the approval of the Harbour Master. Unless there is information relayed to the Authorities in due legal process about illegal possession of prohibited goods; no search or inspection of your vessel can be made without your permission. In case when and if goods that are not allowed entry into Turkey are declared by yourself or found by Authorities after inspection; such goods shall be placed under customs control and will not be returned until your departure from Turkish territorial waters. In the event this Certificate is lost, please contact the nearest Harbour Master or Customs Authority to renew your Certificate. In the course of necessary arrivals or departures due to extraordinary conditions, force majeur or obligations set out within the Law for the Safety of Life and Properties At Sea (Legal Code No. 4922) you must submit a statement underlining such conditions to Turkish Authorities at the first port of call.

Conditions Of Expiry Transit log

1) Departure from Turkish territorial waters or Turkish ports. 2) Changes having occurred in the ownership of the vessel. 3) One full year after date of first authorization, provided that other conditions have not already caused termination. 4) Loss of the Certificate.

Conditions Of Expiry Transit log

Please Note That You Are Not To Engage In Activities Described Below 1) You cannot undertake any commercial activity within or without your vessel. 2) You cannot collect charges or dues from persons declared as guests. 3) You cannot make false declarations. 4) You cannot transport or take out of Turkey any historical artifacts or objects of cultural value. 5) You cannot buy or sell any goods or materials from yachts and ships whose customs transactions have not yet been completed. This is considered as anjllegal activity according to legal codes of our Country and if apprehended; due judicial processes shall be applied according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey.